Limited edition digipack limted to 250 copies.

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1. Grind Enforcer
2. Vultures Pick a Corpse Clean
3. Rot 'N Roll
4. Secunda Clavis (... to Purge & Rectify)
5. Fistfuckers (Planet of the Gapes)
6. Bootlick Fever
7. Subservient
8. Tertium Clavis (... to Shine in Darkness, Hail!)
9. Purgatory Complex
10. Zero-Sum Game Duped Complicit Class
11. A Sense of Urgency
12. Precipice
13. Typhoid Mary & Typhoid Larry
14. Eggs
15. True Sedition

Special 'vinyl print' edition mastered to sound like vinyl playback! High in dynamic range. Recorded from January 2020 to August 2020.
Working class exploitation, ecological collapse, viruses of the mind, alchemical allegory, futurism, automation, nihilism, & strife.

releases December 1, 2020

Michael Sparks - Bass, Guitars
Helge Lipphardt - Guitars
Davis Hay - Vocals, Programming
Music: Michael K Sparks; Davis R Hay; Helge Lipphardt
Lyrics: Davis R Hay
Produced by Davis Hay

Mixed & Mastered by Davis Hay

Cover art by alkoholterus
Photo by Kylee Thompson Photography


Niflhel Records

Putrid Faction CD (HEL011-CD)