Side A:

1. Solve Et Coagula 04:52

2. It Will All Vanish In An Instant 03:16

3. We Are Each Our Own Devil 00:07

4. Tearing Doves In Two 02:08

5. Unholy Dissolver 03:24

6. In Nihilum Redactus 04:03

Side B:

7. Prima Clavis 03:10 video

8. Watching From Below 01:35

9. When Hyperventilation Turns To Aspiration 06:04

10. Crowning Achievement 02:47


Davis here - let's talk about this album...

It all started out with sending Michael a drum track and asking if he had any ideas for it. We soon started writing/recording our debut EP, 'Betrothal to the Stone: Conception of Mephisto' in June and released it in August. It's a simple process: I come up with the drum tracks and then Michael comes over and spits out evil, grinding riffs on the spot - and they're one hell of a foundation.

Once the songs are fleshed out, I put some lyrics down and am usually recording vocals by the next day. (This album continues with alchemical & occult themes, but mixes them with misanthropy and nihilism. Let's fucking dissolve!!!)

Now from the beginning of 'Dissolution', we added our friend Helge Lipphardt into the mix to help write and play guitars. Experienced guitarist (and guitar tech) with some awesome leads and riff ideas.

Recording, mixing, mastering, all done in-house. And this time around, so is the album artwork.

I wanted to bring the production back to the 80s (or even older!) - bring the black/grind back in time.
The production is hopefully somewhere in line with early Napalm Death, Bathory, Mayhem, 80s heavy/early-black metal, and Dead Kennedys.

We asked Tsunami Nagasaki to record vocals for the short but sweet track #3 "We Are Each Our Own Devil" - and as expected, she killed it! Perfect match for the song.

Staying true to form, I have already put together drum tracks for a follow-up record. We'll start up production again soon.
That's about all. We're not playing any shows yet. We just want to record some damn albums! 


released February 7, 2020

Michael Sparks - Bass, Guitars
Helge Lipphardt - Guitars
Davis Hay - Vocals
Produced by Davis Hay
Mixed and Mastered by Davis Hay
Cover art by Davis Hay
Vocals on "We Are Each Our Own Devil" by Tsunami Nagasaki
Special thanks to Brent & Stephanie Bell
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Niflhel Records

Dissolution 12" Vinyl (HEL003-LP)